For Kids

I'd like to care about safety and quality as children use it.

I would like to give a gift, but I want to give something original.


In ZaCca, we deal with various kinds of children's supplies, not to mention safety.

From classic towels and set items, playful bags as well.


We have various kinds, so please take a closer look

Thinking of the child who wants to have everything, even if you put it in the mouth it is safe because made with soybeans and beeswax.

It is also a characteristic that the color is very soft

Educational toys made of silicon and considered safety

Turning over may change to an unexpected shape, even adults may enjoy it

From the towels of popular Rainbow Bear series, gauze handkerchief making originally

It is always necessary to have such towels at any time when raising children

We prepair this corner by listening to customer's requests,

There may be “a bit” changed products on a moment-to-moment.